Inspiring cycling adventure with B:loft & Stephen Fabes

A look back at Cycling the 6 – Slideshow Night with Stephen Fabes organised by B:loft on 18.03.2017 @Rotondes – It was packed! Thank you B:loft team & Stephen! #inspiring #cycling adventure. See all pictures of B:loft event  – 8 March 2017 by Lugdivine Unfer.

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The night started at 19:00 > SLIDESHOW NIGHT with Stephen Fabes (FREE).

Presentation: for six years, from 2010 to 2016, Stephen Fabes, doctor, writer, cycling adventurer, pedaled across 75 different countries, clocking up a distance of 86,209 km (54,000 miles) by bicycle – a distance equivalent to more than twice the circumference of the earth, 25 times the Tour de France’s or 66 times the length of Great Britain (and over slightly more challenging terrain). From the baked war-struck deserts of Syria and Afghanistan to an outstandingly untoasty Mongolia mid-winter, Stephen Fabes dodged landslides and leaping camel spiders, was detained on suspicion of espionage in China, towed a rollerblader across Uzbekistan, contracted dengue fever (and the urge to tell everyone about it), survived blizzards and tropical storms. Along the way Stephen Fabes spent time among marginalised people with health problems. He was interested in marginalisation and health, and spent time visiting remote clinics and medical projects. Visit Stephen Fabes’ website

Following the slideshow Betty Buvette served a special menu inspired by Stephen Fabes’ cycling adventure. The menu reflected a few culinary traditions in one: Dhaal à la noix de coco, Falafel, Som Tum, Naan Bread.

Around 21:00, although it was raining, the dozen of motivated cyclists started the GUIDED B:NIGHT RIDE (free). They enjoyed some of the best panoramic views of Luxembourg-City at night by bike! (source of this presentation & feedback > B:loft)

About B:loft
B:loft originates from BAFF a.s.b.l. ‘B’ stands for simple, yet very ingenious invention: the bicycle. ‘Loft’ means air in Luxembourgish.

Visit B:loft website

See you on April 27th for Bicycle Film Night +Ride!

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