We are creators. We are peacemakers.

Music is love – I am not a musician but I need music. Sounds, melodies, rhythm, voices and lyrics.. can be so mesmerizing. Music enables to be transported in a powerful world, in unedited dimensions. It generates powerful vibrations. And I admire musicians and singer-songwriters. They have this incredible capacity to create and share energies, to appeal to the emotions and to spread their messages out-there. Also, they are crazy -they are beautiful, they believe in a magic that knows no boundaries. And photography is my way to feel their vibe, to capture emotions. Photography / music also open my mind and develop my intuition in a way.

I am a peacemaker. You are a peacemaker. We are peacemakers.

Believe in your values. You create, you evolve, you have fun and you are passionate. No danger- Act with kindness. Be conscious. Be aware of people around you (and on Earth). Live the now. What does my higher self keep repeating to me each day? What do I need to change? Life has its cycles. Be true and accept. However it is not easy, there is no danger. Change is good. Have fun like our friend Spit here on the drums! Go kick some a… and express yourself. You have a Voice. There is no danger. You are useful. The world needs you. This what I love, seeing people, creators in action. Spread the love by doing what you love. Give without expectations in return. The universe has your back. NAMASTE.

Spit killing it on drums I Abstract Rapture
Live concert at SCARRED album release party
Kufa Esch-Alzette, Luxembourg 2021

Visit www.lun-vision.com to discover my work I LunVision Photography

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