African Art -new project coming soon

From Dakar to Luxembourg – Photography can lead to beautiful, unexpected and challenging new perspectives. Keeping supporting my friends & following them in their projects is a great chance. This is AFRICAN ART – and a good friend of mine will start a new initiative soon. I’m already proud to be part of it and sure it will be a success. More info coming soon. Helping talented people who do their best to help other talented people, this is how life can change. Do what you like and believe in your talent, believe in yourself. Take initiatives in your life on this Planet Earth that is not even ours…Forget about self-centred people, forget about judgment, egoist people. Think about community , trust & sharing. Learn, do, act, live with passion, respect Mother Nature & spread the Love.–


Pictures for Djilène Dioh, by Lugdivine Unfer – February 2017

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