Zoom on a new musical project made in Luxembourg

Yesterday, Monday 10/10/2016, I had the pleasure to spend two hours with Elise Nunes and Steve Richer for an outdoor photoshooting session. Both are talented artists full of energy. Steve is guitarist, member of Heavy Petrol blues/rock band from Luxembourg – I love what they are doing – and Elise is a singer who recently joined the band (www.heavypetrol.lu). Together, they are starting a new musical project and I can’t wait to discover the songs they wrote and listen to their music. That session was really nice even if we could feel the cold outside. It seems winter has already arrived..right after summer – but the sun there for us. They were well dressed up and ready to pose. All great conditions for me with my camera and no flash, only the natural light that was warm and.. just perfect.


It was really fun to work with them and walk around together in Belval to find the right sunny spot in this industrial area. Belval is a quarter and neighbourhood in south-western Luxembourg: once the site of Luxemburg’s biggest ironworks, and now one of the most ambitious urban development projects in Europe. Back to our artists: I discovered a young woman full of talent and when Elise might see herself as a shy and introverted person, what I saw is a sexy lady full of craziness, humour and creativity. And Steve, he has a captivating gaze yes, as Elise says and I agree, even when it comes from a girl totally in love with her passionate guitarist. Sweet- They are a very nice duo. Well, that was my story with Elise Nunes and Steve Richer. This work will be useful hopefully for their promotion and the launch of their project, and I’m simply happy I can contribute to this 🙂  MUSIC – LOVE

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