Rock music: Skunk Anansie celebrating their 22nd birthday!


Skunk Anansie back at Rockhal Luxembourg on February 11, 2016 – On tour > Anarchytecture

NO COMMENT  – I’d have so much to tell about that night when I decided to go alone and see one of my favorite bands on stage — I could tell you that I was waiting for that moment for a very long time – some time, only for me.. and also that SKUNK ANANSIE definitely rocked the Rockhal!  Skin felt how to get the audience addicted to her!! Litteraly- She is gorgeous and all together with the band, well, they ROCK!! 22  years this month  that the band was formed – Happy Birthday Skunk Anansie!! 22 years and same feeling- even stronger! They are incredible & talented artists, I loved the way they communicated with us and among them! Great set of songs! And the energy and her voice, What a voice!!  ..Well, I said NO COMMENT So…  >> VIDEO time >  “I can dream” song / Skunk Anansie / More videos to come soon- LunVision Youtube channel
(Pictures taken with my lumix)

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