No border for music lovers

The scene: DFXX rock band from Luxembourg performing in a charming little bar – La Chaouée – in Metz city, France. It was a perfect match – the audience, the musicians, the vibe – a great music performance in the vault of the café followed by a jam session all together on the main floor. Simple moment with people with different stories, friends&strangers sharing music – no border for music lovers. Imagine how many different people from different cultures are.. simply expressing themselves in their own way with music at the exact same moment, right now? Keep sharing good energy – PEACE&LOVE

DFXX recorded their 1st EP in 2015 in Luxembourg and performed 10+ concerts in the country & the Greater Region. This was their first gig of 2016 in France and I was happy to be part of it!

 I invite you to visit DFXX Facebook page for more info and!! See more pictures of DFXX.

One thought on “No border for music lovers

  1. Coucou Trop bien & trop sympa ! Merci pour ce super post!!!! Tu assures Ludi ! Pendant ce temps on a vu Andréa qui assure bien aussi !! Bisous

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