Polska 2015 / Freezeframe

Flight Luxembourg > Munich – 10-12 October 2015 / Munich > Warsaw – 13 October

Freezeframe // The way I saw Krakow, Zakopane and Warsaw

I’ve spent 7 days in Poland and started by visiting the charming Krakow, a stop at the salt mine, followed by the mountains of Zakopane. Then, in direction of Warsaw through the beautiful Jura region – discovering Poland during  Autumn was a great chance, colours were amazing! And I have to say I loved Warsaw! Lots of paradoxes, a city that is alive and full of surprises and unexpected street-corners.

Culture, history, tradition, economy, past, present and future, strength, weakness, men, women, human nature, trend, flavours, music, nature, folklore –

See all my pictures in 2 sets: colourful Polska and B&W only. // A quick look back at a great experience at Stodola concert venue in Warsaw. The language of music is universal and so powerful: Bernhoft concert– what a night!!


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