Love and share love

Love and share love with people we love and even with strangers. Simple words but true. Back to the roots. This time in Venezia is pure magic..smiles, good vibrations, good hearts, a beautiful laguna, less is more. No planning, no expectation and each day a new surprise, a happy time. Creating my path might last a whole lifetime on this planet Earth. This is ok. slowly slowly. No way back..keep inner fire alive and be true to my little self. Connected to Nature is essential. Music and art give energy and inspiration. Sharing is caring. No rush, no hush. no judgement, no follow. no shame. only me..and you, beautiful people. one planet, one people, one loveπŸ’šπŸ’›β€οΈ

Thank You Suora Rita e il sanctuario di Chiampo, Renzo e sua moglie, Saphat, Pino, Alberto e Mirelle, Zia Irma e Zio Giorgio, Piergiorgio, Ale e Sara, Francesco e Bianca, Gianni, Germano, Chiara e Aicha, Filippo, Silvia, Andrea e Noah, Giorgione, Pelleteria Chiara, Bruna e sue amiche, Adria Mestre team.. tutti 😘

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