Yunnan 2019, one picture one story

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I’ve learnt that there are 56 officially recognised nationalities in China. 26 of them are represented in the Southern province of Yunnan which is one of the poorest provinces in China. One of these 26 ethnic groups are the Hani people.

We are now in the Yuanyang region where the Hanis live in harmony with nature. Time is suspended- the moment, the nature, the local life, the people and their animals.

The story of this picture in a nutshell? Walking from Pugao to Azekhe traditional village, enjoying the incredible terrace fields all around- Six Hani women invited me to have lunch with them. They were working not far from the main road and seated in a tiny circle on the ground, sharing their food (rice & super spicy green vegetables). I couldn’t refuse and leave, so we shared their meal and started having kind of real, intimate, true and fun conversations all together. It was all about feeling, not thinking.

Without any google translate vocal tool or mean to communicate in the same language, we talked, laughed and watched us a lot. Also, a need to touch and see our differences..with no judgement nor question, we saw in each others’ eyes that we are women with completely different lives and culture yes, but we felt the same feeling of joy and happiness, living the present moment together, naturally.

I can’t describe all in details of course, but this picture is a nice illustration of the feeling I think. Imagine all the Hani women, her friends standing in front of us and laughing 🙂 Lovely funny women but also curious, always so curious, generous and open.They are strong, compassionate & brave women and mothers, and I feel so thankful that they have let me be part of their circle for a moment

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA–stay tuned- more pictures and stories soon

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