They are The Velvet!

“Rising from the ashes of the former band “the filthy broke billionaires” the new formation shifted their musical style from modern rock to 70’s rock. The band consists of experienced musicians wich played in various bands an played all across Europe. The band is releasing it’s first single “Let you down” in April 2018 and is working and recording a full-lenght record wich is going to be released end 2018 early 2019.” Source: The Velvet facebook page.

They are The Velvet >> Priscila da Costa – Vocs / Tom Lehnen – Drums / Yannick”Yacko”Stein – Guitar / Alex Logel -Hammond ,Keys >> Great music, great people 🙂 See more pictures of The Velvet LIVE on stage, on my photo gallery at

Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 00.03.30

Discover The Velvet MUSIC >>>

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