#photo #exhibition #music Back from Taiwan, Jetlag & music all around! 

I was just back from Formosa Island #Taiwan2018 when the Music festival Blues on the Border #BOBFestival was ending, on May 20 in Terville (FR). I had the chance to be part of the press team and take pictures of the closing evening featuring Linda Lee Hopkins who opened the show for Keziah Jones – To be published soon, posts dedicated to BOB festival and Formosa. All this jazz to write that I am grateful to the 112 team for opening its doors to me and also > Thank you to LE112 for having organised a photo exhibition with my pictures. During two days at the BOB Festival, a selection of my photographies was shown to the public. I haven’t had the time to come and see it so..Thank you for giving me these copies too 🙂 See all pictures of Live Music on www.lun-vision.com


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