Jazz Made in Luxembourg w/ Jeff Herr Corporation

Jeff Herr Corporation presenting their brand new album “Manifesto” on 15 November 2017 at Opderschmelz venue in Dudelange, Luxembourg. Great evening full of surprises & emotions – Amazing talents!

Freezeframe on Jeff Herr Corporation JeffHerr

See all my pictures of Jeff Herr Corporation w/ Jeff Herr, Maxime Bender, Laurent Payfert and special guests Greg Lamy and Lata Gouveia > lun-vision.com

About Jeff Herr and his core band

Jeff Herr’s new Corporation surprises with a new setting and dexterity, presenting itself now as a linear trio, without the need for a harmonical instrument. Maxime Bender on Saxophone and Laurent Payfert on Bass complete this new highly skilled and energetic trio which relies on compositional abilities from each of the 3 members. Well arranged and structured songs as well as wild and free improvisations cover the band’s large repertoire, filled with some surprising cover songs from well known Pop artists such as David Bowie or Jimi Hendrix. The strength and tightness of the band emerge from a strong rhythmical impact and emphasize the origins of music: the groove. (source: Facebook official page)

Visit Jeff Herr Corporation website > jeff-herr.com/jeff-herr-corporation

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