Kaleidoscope – Infinite possibilities

Kaleidoscope – Ad Infinitum
Life should be like a kaleidoscope

Life is like a kaleidoscope for every child
this should follow him until the end of his life on this Planet Earth

Our world is ruled by Mother Nature and not by dictators and manipulators
We should coexist peacefully, protect each other and do our best to become a better Man.
Express yourself, be creative, open your mind
Respect nature, respect each other, no matter religion, political view, differences, money,.. — No matter all this …

Make Love not war and choose your own path, evolving in your own way ❤
All around the world, people are strong, so be strong.
Live with love, connect with pure souls & be yourself


Photo credit : Lugdivine Unfer / April 2017 – Visit photo gallery www.lun-vision.com
Pictures taken outdoor at Sierck-les-Bains (FR) / Sony Xperia smartphone with Lightroom software postreatment.

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