“Presence of absence”Daniel Balthasar new album release

On 24.03.2017, DANIEL BALTHASAR released their new album “presence of absence” at Luxexpo The Box, Luxembourg Kirchberg. Thank you Daniel Balthasar & band and friends for the Great night!

Pictures – A look back at Daniel Balthasar new album release “presence of absence”


See all my pictures of Daniel Balthasar and Band and Friends on stage on lun-vision.com

Daniel Balthasar is a prolific and versatile songwriter. His songs vary between Rock, Folk and more experimental forms of songwriting. As a recording artist, Daniel has released 5 albums and 2 EPs since 2003. Daniel Balthasar and his band have given a large number of concerts in Europe and beyond, from clubs and small stages to bigger venues and festivals. They played at the Popkomm in Berlin, the SXSW Festival in Austin/Texas and lately performed together with the Luxembourg Symphonic Orchestra. (source: www.danielbalthasar.com)

Stream or get their album >itunes.apple.com / Current live setup: Daniel Balthasar – Guitar & Vocals, James Gierens – Guitar & Vocals, Sebastian Schlapbe Flach – Bass, Michel Mootz – Drums & Vocals, Emmanuelle Seiwerath – Cello, Marc Welfringer – Keyboards & Accordion

Watch the Video of the album recording – enjoy!

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