“In the devil’s court” with Kid Colling

A look back at Kid Colling Album Release @den Atelier, Luxembourg – Celebrating ”In the Devil’s court”! It was a crazy night, it was top quality and great atmosphere from the beginning till the end! 400 persons came to that show where we shared a music 100% made in Luxembourg! The blues spirit was definitely there and actually time was like suspended. Opening for The Kid Colling Cartel, Fred Barreto Group and Heavy Petrol warmed up the audience, and then Stephane “Kid” Colling (guitar/singer) and the cartel, Vincent Charrue (keyboards), David Franco (bass) and Florian Pons (drums) came on stage for their concert of the year. They rocked the place – Bravo!! The band had amazing back-up vocals Sitta Foehr and Claire Parsons and we also had the pleasure to see Remo Cavallini joining the stage with Kid! I invite you to look at this selection of pictures to get an overview and watch their 1st single —-

> View all my pictures of Kid Colling Cartel on www.lun-vision.com

Pictures of the opening shows – Heavy Petrol and Fred Barreto Group – will follow soon

> Visit Kid Colling website > www.kidcolling.com / Read also “Messing with the Kid ahead of Atlier Album release”



Discover Kid Colling 1st single “My evil side” online — Simply love it!

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