Lata Gouveia part of Quattropole project

Lata Gouveia and his band, Daniela Kruger, Jeff Herr and Paul Porcelli are participating in the Quattropole initiative. The cities of Luxembourg, Trier, Saarbrucken and Metz collaborate with the aim to promote artists from the Greater Region. Lata Gouveia performed in Saarbrucken (DE) on June 19, 2016 and in Luxembourg on June 23. Tonight they perform in Germany again in Trier and the last gig will take place in Metz (FR) on August 26. Pictures below were take in Luxembourg, and on that day, the whole country was also celebrating its national day- the city was packed! so many concerts and activities all around! We had a great time with Lata Gouveia and band!! See more pictures on LunVision photo gallery.

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