The Grund Club LIVE Recording SHOW

The first ever multi-track recorded Grund Club Show at the Robert Krieps auditorium at Neumünster Abbey in Luxembourg -on May 24, 2016! New inductee songwriter: Daniel Balthasar (Daniel Balthasar & Band). New inductee singer: Manuela Rufolo. HOSTS: Irina Holzinger (IRINA & Naked Socks) & Priscila da Costa (The filthy broke billionairesThe Glass Arrows). Also featured: Laetitia Koener (Go By Brooks), Sven Sauver, Esther Correia and Lata Gouveia (Lata Gouveia).


> To get the vibes of the night and the spirit of the Grund Club, I invite you to read the article written in French by Pablo Chimienti: “Le Grund Club enchanteur à Neimenster” published on May 25, 2016 in Le Quotidien.

> VIEW ALL PICTURES on LunVision photo gallery  – Full B&W set of pictures


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