The Grund Club Luxembourg Songwriters- Best wishes!

Supporting local artists – 2015 was a great year for The Grund Club Luxembourg Songwriters! A year full of good moments shared among a bunch of talented and passionate musicians, singers and songwriters. I am more than happy and feel very proud to be part of this unique family. Thank you Lata Gouveia, thank you Irina Holzinger Mersch and Sven Sauber and Thanks to all the musicians & songwriters! I wish you all the best for 2016!! A look back at The Grund Club events for the end of 2015 > The Grund Club songwriters at:
Bluebird Music Festival, december 2015 – De Gudden Wellen bar
The Grund Club – Christmas show 2015 at Neimenster Abbaye
The Grund Club Voices, November 2015 at Sobogusto restaurant

View all pictures of the Grund Club – Luxembourg Songwriters at Lunvision’s photo gallery.

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