“Après la pluie, le beau temps” – a look back at Morcheeba in Metz


This year, the British band Morcheeba decided to make a stop at the heart of Metz city and to take part in the Festival Hors Format that was organised at the Place de la République – outdoor free concert, on June 28, 2014. It is (supposed to be) summertime!.. it was raining for the whole day, so only a few people came to see the activities and concerts of local bands in the afternoon.. and as we are used to say “Après la pluie vient le beau temps” — it happened! 2 minutes right before the show, the rain stopped – luckily?! Great moment & artists, good music with a calming effect & a feeling of happiness 🙂


More pictures on my gallery   —  All info > www.morcheeba.co.uk
Check out this video of the gig on youtube or listen to the Unplugged in Zermatt (love it!)

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