Looking for the Tulsa sound (in Luxembourg)?

I love music – from jazz, funk, afro beat, world music to rock, folk rock and country – I love music. So many different musical cultures, stories and emotions. To make it short > I’ve been discovering for the last 2 years now, a world full of emotions and a meaningful music thanks to my friend Lata. Lata Gouveia is definitely representing the Tulsa Sound in Luxembourg! At the end of May, just after his new album release party, two friends of him – from Tulsa, Oklahoma, Wink Burcham and Dustin Pittsley – came in Luxembourg and spent one whole week playing in various places around the country. Great artists, great time, friends sharing their passion for the greatest delight of their audience. I invite you today to watch 2 of my videos of Dustin Pittsley & Wink Burcham performing at Liquid Bar Luxembourg on May 8, 2014 and on the bass, Daniela Kruger, Jeff Herr on drums, Lata Gouveia on the guitar! Enjoy!

Featured image from the Spatzefest in Luxembourg – Grund > See all pictures

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