Gaëtan Roussel LIVE in Luxembourg city

Gaetan Roussel – We will be strong

Gaetan Roussel – La simplicite

It was a huge moment last wednesday, the 13th of November, at den Rockhal Luxembourg! Gaëtan Roussel & his band made a great performance! The artist is a French singer songwriter&composer – the former lead vocalist for the bands, Louise Attaque and Tarmac.  He started  his solo career and released Ginger in 2010 and 3 years later, Orpailleur.
The concert was amazing, a work of quality and I felt the good vibes! This quote from an article about Gaëtan Roussel, his band & his last album represents what we felt during the gig >>   “We feel the work of the whole team, complete and complementary, working in line with what had been done previously Gaëtan Roussel, while bringing new life.” > read more – in French > See all video on Gaetan Roussel’s Youtube official channel. Gaëtan Roussel, you rock!!

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