Indie rock > FOALS live > awesome gig!!


What a night! It was so good to discover FOALS live –  the English indie rock band from Oxford – at L’Autre Canal, in Nancy, France! Going to see FOALS sounded like a good plan and even more because I was with one of my best friends, and it’s been a so long time we haven’t had some time only the two of us lots of things, stories &feelings to share..and then “suddenly” FOALS arrived on stage > Woaw!! I know a few people who are huge fans of the band, and told me…”you will see how Yannis Philippakis holds his guitar”, or “The drummer is a master!”, “their music is ** amazing!!”. It was the perfect evening, to make my own opinion 🙂 well, I did! The singer’s voice, the sound that was good, interesting staging&light effects, etc., all clean&powerful >so much energy > Great performance! They definitely rocked the place&this song I decided to shoot entitled “Providence” and to me, it reflects well the atmosphere of the night, enjoy!

FOALS Live – “Providence”  7/11/2013

 The band > Yannis Philippakis – vocals, guitar / Jack Bevan – drums  / Jimmy Smith – guitar, rhodes, synthesizer / Walter Gervers – bass, backing vocals  / Edwin Congreave – keyboard, backing vocals  / more videos of LunVision

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