Folk rock / Lata Gouveia on stage

Lata Gouveia & his band: Daniela Kruger, Paul Porcelli and William BurLata Gouveia @ Rock um Knuedler

On sunday, July 7th, Lata gouveia & band performed on the main stage at Rock um Knuedler – the open air rock festival that takes place once a year in the city center of Luxembourg / free entrance. That was a great opportunity for Lata and the band to play on such a stage! The place was full and they were good! It’s been more than one year that I’m following them, and I’m a fan, definitely 🙂

>> Read the article on to know more about the festival : 18,500 People Attend MeYouZik & Rock and um Knuedler 2013 Festivals  > Visit Lata Gouveia’s website

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