Cabo Verde’s magical islands – my top 35 pictures

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Without having any special plan for my 2 weeks’ trip, it turned out that the magic of Cabo Verde just carried me away…Cape Verdian’s no stress spirit and truly good people in the middle of a preserved environment.

See my top 35 pics – 3 islands > Sal, Sao Vicente and Santo Antao

Santo Antao is surprising. The island’s lush countryside and kindness of Cape Verdian people  > a source of priceless wealth. Places to move around: the old road in aluguer, trekking around Fontainhas, Cova crater, Vallee de Paul, Vila das Pombas. Sao Vicente  Island is different and worthseeing as well, with Mindelo city, Calhau area, Praia Grande, Volcanos. And finally Sal Island, the small&touristic one, is a fine white sand island where you can still find nice beaches – the right place to spend 1/2 nights  at the arrival. So..would you put Cabo Verde in the top 5 of your destinations ? I now do 🙂

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