“Mio zio Lino tutto fiero “

” Quand tu ne sais pas ou tu vas, regardes d’ou tu viens”
Proverbe africain


My beloved grandpa, nonno Aquino had 3 sisters – Inda, Maria, Creglia e 3 fratelli – Beppe, Primo e Lino. Zio/uncle Lino – 85 years old – is the last one still with us, he lives in a tiny italian village near Venice, going on from day to day in oldness but always smiling & teasing with me – that’s why I love him 🙂 We can’t see each other so often but it’s so good to think about some persons, you know, that help you remind who you are and with who there is a real deep & so sincere feeling. “When we don’t know where you are going, think about where you come from”. This African proverb can be so true, so strong & meaningful!! PEACE

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