Music > Amadou&Mariam – “The blind couple from Mali”

Amadou & Mariam known as “the blind couple from Mali” were in Metz on June 30 and participated in the free open air music festival “Hors format”. They shared so much happiness and energy to the public! It was a so funny evening with my friends 🙂
I was taking pictures in the front of the stage when I saw a smiling 60year old man on my right and woaw!.. I quickly remembered that we met at the same festival last year & danced together during Staff Benda Bilili concert! Musicians &singers were fascinating – it was a real pleasure and so fun to dance with that happy man, the feeling & brief contact we had were pure&simple 🙂  I thought at that moment that,…well we really have to enjoy the present moment, because it might not happen twice! ..and, I was wrong! one year later..that is to say last weekend, thanx to Amadou&Mariam venue in Metz, we met again and shared one more moment all together, fascinated by the so good dancers, the so talented musicians AND Amadou & Mariam feeding us with lots of peace, rhythm, african spirit and true smiles.

>> More pictures @my gallery

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