Music VS Football – Focus on Lata Gouveia@Liquid bar

This year, on thursday, the 21th of june the weather was (and still is) autumnal! that’s crazy!! When everybody should enjoy that night dedicated only to music, well…most people stayed inside&in front of aTV screen watching the UEFA EURO 2012 quarter final match Czech republic – Portugal! Fortunately for us and all the portuguese community living in Luxembourg, Portugal won and music could finally take the lead!! It was great to celebrate this occasion listening to Lata Gouveia & Band Live!! The concert took place at Liquid bar – in the heart of the old town. Simply..punchy!! with lots of surprises 🙂 New songs – you can discover ‪LOVE is a long road (tom petty) / little blue World‬ @ Hajo Lamesch you tube Channel and have a look at the pictures of the concert in my photo gallery.

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