Endurance Hombourg-Budange 2011 -6

Motocross endurance race – Hombourg Budange 2011

Endurance Hombourg-Budange 2011 -2

The “Championnat Grand-Est – Endurance tout terrain” took place in Hombourg Budange 2 days ago and more than 200 bikers were there for the race! A 2 bikers team had a 6 hours run and 3 hours solo – 1 round was about 13 km long!  Motocross, campaign side and single tracks!..what elssse!?

Endurance Hombourg-Budange 2011 -4   Endurance Hombourg-Budange 2011 -6   Endurance race - Hombourg Budange 3

More Info on the association’s Website! 

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