High level for The Grund Club songwriters!

Back on April 10th, 2016 > The Grund Club Voices@Purple Lounge – Casino2000 – Mondorf-les-Bains, Luxembourg, with Sitta Foehr, Priscila da Costa, Sven Sauber, Gilles Bernard and Sebastian “Schlapbe” Flach – Thank you! It was the first time The Grund Club asbl collaborated with the Casino and it was a success! Perfect location, nice stage, sound and lights. And Sitta and Priscila were simply amazing together with the Band!

See all pictures of The Grund Club Voices on LunVision photo gallery

And the next The GRUND CLUB asbl SHOW will take be on May 24th! That will be an incredible performance @Neimënster in the Salle Robert Krieps!!
More info > GRUND CLUB SONGWRITERS Live recording and Show 


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