Rock ‘n’ roll – RIVAL SONS Live in Luxembourg

RIVAL SONS performed at Den Atelier in Luxembourg on November 15, 2014 – What a night! Today I invite you to watch: “Manifest Destiny, Part 1″ (Head Down album – released in 2012). Soon online “Good things” from their new album!

 All info at Rival Sons’ official links: -

Rival Sons Will Make You Love Rock N Roll Music, Again : “Rival Sons are the greatest rock n roll band on the planet right now (…) It’s the closest thing to Zeppelin we will ever see again. These guys are bona fide rock starts in another dimension and slowly crossing over to earth. Don’t miss this one folks”.  > Read FULL article at











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Croatia – a one week road trip

On October 18-25, 2014, I had the opportunity to go to Croatia for the first time. Croatia is not really famous in France in the way that tourism promotion isn’t really developed, contrary to Germany or China ad ex. – as far as I understood there –  but French people talk & share the news that it’s really worth going there! and it is!  I had a mixed but positive feeling when going through the country because nature is pure and so present, people are really kind, all the little charming historical villages, ..but also, the country was at war 20 years ago only.., you can feel this love of life. The choice was to start in Zagreb, then go to Plitvice Lakes. Next step was Zadar and Vodice. Then Krka national park and the tour ended in Split and surroundings. Beautiful experience – here below, 5 pictures & you can see the full album at Lunvision gallery.


Croatia – a little jewel

Nacionalni park Krka

at Krka National Park - Croaita

All of my pictures will be published soon – Croatia is a little jewel